New Patients, Get your 3rd Month FREE*

Get your 3rd Month FREE

Only available through VAYA™ Direct


*Offer available on new prescriptions only; shipping charges may apply; monthly supply based on recommended dosage on label

VAYA Direct

Current patients, SAVE MORE with 3-Month Supply Bottles**


Exclusively through VAYA™ Direct


**Monthly supply based on recommended dosage on label

What is VAYA™ Direct?

VAYA™ Direct is a free VIP service available to patients with a prescription for VAYA Pharma medical foods, such as Vayarin®, Vayacog®, or Vayarol®. This service allows you to conveniently receive your prescription affordably and efficiently - shipped directly to you.

Benefits of VAYA™ Direct

  • Guaranteed lowest available price
  • Convenient home delivery
  • Auto refill option and refill reminder calls
  • Promotional discount offers
  • Exclusive product offers

How do I order my prescription through VAYA™ Direct?

  • Call 1-844-4VDIRECT (1-844-483-4732, Option 1) M-F 9am-8pm ET
  • Please be sure to have your prescription ready when calling if your health care provider has not already submitted it to VAYA™ Direct.
  • Or submit your info and scanned prescription through our online form. Please note: we do not accept payment online, so you will receive a phone call within 2 business days to complete your order.

How much will my prescription cost through VAYA™ Direct?

You may have noticed recent changes to prescription coverage that may have increased product cost at your local pharmacy. By enrolling and submitting prescriptions through VAYA™ Direct, patients will pay the lowest price per bottle available anywhere for Vayarin®, Vayacog®, and Vayarol® .

What happens after I sign up?

A VAYA™ Direct representative will contact you within 2 business days of your form submission to confirm the information you have submitted, process your order, and have it sent to your requested address within 5 business days. You can also choose to have your prescription automatically refilled and delivered, so that you never have to worry about running out. It’s that easy!

What if I have more questions?

Please call us at 1-844-4VDIRECT (1-844-483-4732, Option 1) or email